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About these photos

One of my special interests within the photography area is the panoramic picture format. Lacking the necessary tools like, for instance, the wonderful Hasselblad X-Pan, I produce panoramic pictures by stitching multiple digital photos together. Most of the panoramas on these pages consist of 3-6 individual photos. Some older ones are taken by my Sony DSC-F707, and since a couple of years, they are all taken by my Canon 20D.
For stitching, I either use the (amazing) AutoStitch program, or I do it by hand in Photoshop. Especially when there are a lot of moving people in the scene, a lot of hand work is needed.
Panoramas can only be enjoyed to the max when viewed at full width. Some of the photos on this site are hanging on my walls printed 1 meter wide or more. So showing them on a 1000 pixel computer screen is a lousy compromise....

But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these pictures!

René Harte



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